Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Did We Create Zoos?

My question is about why did we create zoos? Was it for entertainment or was it for us just to see the outside world. But in the end it all started in the year 1500 BC by the Egypt Queen Hatshepsut it was the first know actual zoo know to this day. But we still think its cool because one Chinese empire used his huge zoo in the year 1100 BC to show how much true power he had. I think it is pretty much clear that zoos were much more than entertainment they were a sign of power. But we Americans/ world use are zoos as entertainment today, so I can also see why the Chinese empire would use there zoos for power because in the end they would just bring in more people, and more people means that it will be a greater empire. But in the end America has created some of the best zoos ever like San Diego zoo, the Cincinnati zoo, and more zoos that I really don’t want to tell. But the best thing to do is get your but on a plane and fly yourself over to Africa and see all these animals in person and then you can donate to save the animals. But in the end America loves their zoos and so does the world but I can see why because animals are interesting and they are love able and need to be seen. So in the end just go visit your local zoo for crying out loud. Dan out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zoology for Dummies

If you want to know about zoology you came to the right blog. Today I will tell you what zoology is in the best of my knowledge, and the steps to become a zoologist. Zoology is the study of animals in their zoo habitat. How to become a zoologist: First you need to go to college to get a masters in zoology, plus you need to take side classes like genetics and or the study of animals in their habitat. Next when you’re in college you are going to want to go and work as an intern in a zoo just so you can get the hang of things around being with the animals. After that you are going to want to find the specific job that you can work at for the rest of your life (until you retire of course). In the end if you plan on becoming a zoologist you as a reader you should do some of your own research on zoology/zoologist. That way you know for yourself what you need to do.